Published: December 31, 2021
Estimated reading time: 2-min

Now’s the time to set your sights towards that goal of finally getting the body you’ve always wanted in 2022.

The One50 body transformation program will help you get there.

In fact, as a participant of our program we guarantee you will lose 0.5 – 1 kg of unwanted body fat per week.

Hundreds of people worldwide have already proven the success of One50’s habit-based program formula.

Rather than forcing you to follow a depressing diet (with high probability on the yo-yo effect afterwards), we will help you to practice our 10 daily One50 habits that will help you to look & feel fitter than ever, and which you can easily maintain on your own for the rest of your life.   

This means that after you finish your One50 program:
• You will finally have the (lean and fit) body you’ve always wanted

• You will never (ever) have to spend money on personal trainers, nonsense supplements, or even a gym membership

• You will know exactly what (and how much) to eat, and what else to do, to stay fit for the rest of your life 

Below, you can find an overview of the 10 daily habits that will change your life in 2022.

1. Workout for 30 minutes, preferably a combo of strength and cardio training 
2. Take 10.000 steps or more
3. Determine and control your kcal intake amount
4. Intermittently fast for 14 hours
5. Eat at least 2pcs of fruit and 400 grams of vegetables
6. Avoid liquid calories and drink minimum 2 liters of water
7. Refrain from consuming alcohol and drugs
8. Sleep 8 hours or more
9. Take a cold shower for at least 150 seconds
10. Give yourself the gift of 10 minutes of stillness

As part of your participation in the One50 body transformation program, you will learn and practice how to integrate and optimise each habit into your life (in a way that works best for you). 

Besides unlimited personal coaching for the entire duration of your program, you will also receive extra helpful tools from us (for example: the One50 guidebook and your habits calendar) to help you achieve the goals you set for yourself.

Like any results in life, it requires action in order to accomplish them. To start creating your One50 success story for 2022, simply click the button below to fill out the free (and non-binding) intake form.