If you have the goal to get rid of unwanted body fat (weight), then the answer is YES.

Yes, we will also help you to strengthen- and increase your muscle mass while you are burning off your unwanted body fat.  

99% of the One50 community shares the same goal of wanting to lose unwanted body fat, while also increasing muscle mass (it’s the combo of both which creates that well-toned fitness look).

NOTE: A healthy muscle mass is not only good for the ‘looks’. It also contributes to a higher- and continuous fat burn, even when you’re at rest. 1 gram of muscle burns 3x more calories than 1 gram of body fat.

No, you can successfully participate in the program from your home environment.

Having access to a gym or gym equipment is a nice bonus, but not a requirement.

Yes. However it is not required to exercise for hours at a time, and you have the freedom to workout wherever and whenever suits you best.

We will help you creating an exercise routine you love, and that helps you transform your body the way you want.

Yes. The One50 body transformation program is designed to work successfully for any fitness level.

We have both fitness-beginners, as well as experienced athletes successfully taking part in the One50 body transformation program.

No. From our experience strict- and often rather depressing diets cause the opposite outcome as desired (heavy weight cycling, or often referred to as the yo-yo effect).

No. You can get all the nutrients you need to create the body you want from the food that is available in your local supermarket.

Based on our 20+ years of experience as athletes and natural body builders, we have combined the (10) most effective, and healthiest fat-burning success habits into one program.

By combining multiple easy-to-do daily habits, we guarantee consistent results that will last for the long-term. It is our goal to enable you to easily maintain your achieved success, also after the program finishes (rather than you having to experience depressing fallbacks, or heavy weight cycling a.k.a. the yo-yo effect).

For example: instead of providing you with a strict- and for-the-masses-created diet plan (making you feel like you need to starve yourself), we will help you to optimize your own current daily food and kcal intake.

Most of our body transformation participants learn they can even eat more than before they started our program, while still burning fat 24/7.

Besides optimizing what you consume on a daily base, we also help you to improve your time spent being active (without the need for hour-long workouts), and we also help you to keep your fat burning going strong during periods of rest (for example while you are asleep).

Yes, you don’t need much free time to successfully start achieving results with our program.

Yes, you can successfully participate in our program from anywhere – without being bound to a particular location or surrounding.

In fact, we love to travel too, and that has been one of the motivating factors to create a program which can be practised anywhere, anytime.

You need to be 16-years or older.

You need to be able to speak- and read in either English or Dutch.

You need access to a smartphone or computer, to read (or print) your eBook and body transformation progress calendar.

Depending on your fat loss goal, you can choose between 3 transformation programs.

Expected fat loss: 5-8kg
One-time investment: €120 (€2 p/day)

Expected fat loss: 7-11kg
One-time investment: €175 (€1,75 p/day)

Expected fat loss: 13-18kg
One-time investment: €225 (€1,50 p/day)

*Do you live outside the EU? Calculate your one-time fee in your local currency here.

  • Unlimited personal coaching for the duration of your program (non-participant cost: €149 per week)

  • Your One50 guidebook: 10 life-changing habits to transform your body from a fat-storing into a lean fat-burning machine (non-participant cost: €59)

  • Your body transformation habits & progress calendar (non-participant cost: €39 – €79)

  • Exclusive access to the greater One50 community, to connect- and exchange experiences with fellow body transformation participants (priceless)

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